• “@MyNintendoNews: Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS will take a retro approach to the series http://t.co/6aRjeO3 " #
  • “@gunpeiyokoifan: Today (August 14th), in 1995, the Virtual Boy released in the US!” A move henceforth known as "Mistake Number One." #
  • RT @Protomanx Imagine 1991-1997 came and went and all you had was a beat up Green Ranger pvc you got from your cousin. Imagine… #
  • RT Imagine 20 years later, some girl you knew from work came to your birthday party and gave you a box of loose & MOC/MIB PowerRangers toys. #
  • RT @Protomanx This is that story: http://t.co/34Fi0ZO The most epic childhood nostolgic bomb ever. #
  • RT Imagine. Imagine PowerRangers was your favorite show as a kid but you couldn't get any of the toys cause your parents didn't have the $$$ #
  • (Sorry, that last one was supposed to go first.) #
  • RT @Cracked The 6 Dumbest Things Schools Are Doing in the Name of Safety: http://t.co/uUdnSA7 #
  • “@Dtoid: Sony asks the world what PSVita peripherals it wants http://t.co/mmLd1ch " #
  • “@ClevelandRock: RT @gamasutra: Analysts Bullish On Capcom Performance http://t.co/NmI323Q " #

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