• “@_retrogaming: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GameCube) Review http://t.co/17qBd8I via @zite#
  • [email protected]: The 5 Biggest Disasters in the History of Marketing Ideas: http://t.co/hOPoxPV " #
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  • [email protected]: [email protected]: Couldn't resist. @Realkellykelly @thebellatwins @cmpunk @zackryder http://t.co/9qfdyeh”
    http://t.co/aCOPWD4 " #
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  • Apologies for the flood– turns out I had a bunch which didn't go through, and were saved as drafts. One feature I do like about this app. #
  • Put all but one through… for some reason, despite the counter reading at under 140, it keeps saying I'm over, no matter how much I delete. #
  • [email protected]:See what could be the greatest clothesline ever-how awesome is @realbillygunn?I barely touched him! http://youtu.be/Vph9Tys980I #
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  • I don't care if it's old, it's Balloon Fight; if it's reposted, up here it goes: RT An Existential Trip In Balloon Fight http://goo.gl/jr5qt #
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