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  • @phaelin Thanks, but that's still hearsay… and I think it's the image which helped kick the whole thing off. in reply to phaelin #
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  • [email protected]: RT @chris_ryall: ending announcement at the Hasbro panel: TRANSFORMERS #81 Furman/Wildman. 2012. Well-played, petitioners.” #
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    After waking up just in time… http://t.co/PfnfgDe " #

  • [email protected]: I know I'm going to get even more heat for this but @CMPunk crashed the @WWE Q&A at Comic Con! LOL! http://t.co/jW1QJPt " #
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  • [email protected]: Raphael micro-series launching November 2011. Writing: Brian Lynch. Art: Franko Uru” #
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  • YES. [email protected]: Any plans for the return of Batman Beyond? Yes. #SDCC #IGNSDCC” #
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    It never really hits you that Mario is a mass murderer until he… http://t.co/HjpX7tM " #
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