• [email protected]: Here's the line-up of 3DS games due to be released this year. Remember they are subject to change http://t.co/RUwusl2” #
  • [email protected]: Sega has plenty of games in development for the Nintendo 3DS http://t.co/tLPCR6u” #
  • [email protected]: Amazon cloud servers possibly used in PSN hack attack http://t.co/PV5JxR9” #
  • [email protected]: Shut Up, Kaepora Gaebora http://t.co/66Zpnip” #
  • [email protected]: With NBC passing on Wonder Woman, we give you 8 other superhero shows that weren't ready for prime time. http://t.co/1OsXvFd” #
  • [email protected]: http://t.co/fX2HEvo Game Informer Replay: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (video)” #
  • [email protected]_segura: Photo: Inception Cat: A Cat Within a Cat (via @boredpanda) http://t.co/NYIQwO3” #
  • [email protected]: http://t.co/DYCSZ4w http://t.co/0Apoejk” #
  • [email protected]: A spaghetti-twirling fork – and other necessities. http://t.co/17QVjyV” #
  • [email protected]: 19 Bad Ideas for History Based Video Games: http://t.co/VxwcMXV” #
  • [email protected]_segura: Anonymous asked: I was a big fan of Archie Comics growing up. Is there or will there ever be a video… http://t.co/Qdm94B4” #
  • [email protected]: A fond(?) farewell to Smallville http://t.co/9gDlkmy” #
  • [email protected]: 5 Things That Aren't Nearly As Dangerous As Hollywood Thinks: http://t.co/HFNyF7K” #
  • Can… Can you DO that? [email protected]: How powerful is Nintendo's next console? We made one to find out. http://t.co/V3R2gLJ” #
  • [email protected]: Fox News Says Consoles Are Done http://t.co/0ldmfi5” #
  • [email protected]: Don't tell Mom the PlayStation Network's dead. http://t.co/RZjQYXD” #
  • [email protected]: Rumor: God Of War Portable Collection On PS3? http://t.co/UYyIGrW” #
  • [email protected]: PS3 firmware 3.61 goes live, change your password now http://t.co/P0b9IJs” #
  • [email protected]: PSN still down, but you can update your passwords now http://t.co/Jusvj1l” #
  • [email protected]: Kazuo Hirai announces the phased restoration of PlayStation Network http://t.co/9Ozf0An” #
  • [email protected]: PlayOn.Check this link to find out when PSN is activated your state. It will a few hours to reach everyone. http://t.co/qFTFkIy” #
  • [email protected]: Japanese chatter and footage of Mega Man Legends 3 http://t.co/GDmF5ik” #
  • Old, but interesting: The Many Looks of Mario – IGN http://t.co/hY8fB8o via @IGN #
  • Ditto: Bizarre size screw-ups in games, Far Cry 2 PS3 Features | GamesRadar http://t.co/mYjJDkb #
  • Incidentally, Mario doesn't seem to eat mushrooms to get bigger… for health in some RPGs, yes. But otherwise…? #
  • In which our critic embraces the Super Mario Bros. movie(via @io9) http://t.co/tI7ue3g #
  • RT @xematt God is alive and distributing soda. Mountain Dew Pitch Black…has returned. http://tinyurl.com/65syt5s #

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