Over the years, there have been many figures of Mega Man’s older brother Proto Man, known better in Japan as Blues. From unposeable mini-figurines to Banda’s action figure based on the Ruby-Spears cartoon to Jazwares’ iffy efforts, the Rockman 8 Ironbuster Blues model kit from Bandai of Japan has long been hailed as the best.

Protoman X presents the following video, in which he looks at each of the above before showing off the latest and perhaps the greatest Blues/Proto Man figure to date, the effort from newcomer Kotobukiya:

The line of Kotobukiya Rockman figures seems destined for a Western release under the Mega Man banner sometime later this year, but if you’re not that patient, then The Mega Man Network has a special fanart contest you might be interested in, one in which the top prize is one of the very figures reviewed above.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”