I do not yet have Kinect, and will probably not be getting it for the foreseeable future. This is not due to any disdain for the product; in fact, I’m quite eager to try it out for myself once the opportunity presents itself.

However, the $150 cost seems a bit much, particularly in light of the fact that I do not believe our apartment can readily accommodate the space requirements set forth by the machine. But if I should win one in a contest or receive it as a gift, well, perhaps then it will find a place in my home regardless.

Nonetheless, while thinking about Kinect, two thoughts have occurred to me:

1) If Nintendo ever decides to adopt this style of interface, such as when space requirements and cost are not as grand, I really, really want theirs to look like R.O.B.

2) Since I expect that to happen well after Hell is ruled by the penguins and polar bears*, I hope that one of those people who puts the electronics of some devices into the housing of others will do this with an actual Kinect and an actual R.O.B., and allow us all to bask in the glory.

* I wouldn’t necessarily rule out Nintendo someday adopting such tech, just that they would do it and that it would look like R.O.B.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”