• RT @TwinGalaxies Happy Birthday Twin Galaxies! Doors opened in Ottumwa, Iowa 29 yrs ago today! #
  • One symptom of the stones seems to have returned. I find this a little alarming, but hopefully it will be nothing. #
  • Yep, I think we are now firmly on our way back into Kidney Stone City… #
  • Urgh… going to try to sleep again… #
  • At the hospital. Tylenol didn't help. Took three jabs to draw blood. FML. #
  • Finally, relief flows through my veins. But sadly, I lost my bed. Now I have to sit in the waiting room while they do things. #
  • Wonderful. The pain has subsided, but they want me to stay a couple more hours for observation in the waiting room. I think my day is ruined #
  • Plus, I left my DS at home, and my phone's battery is at 12%. #
  • Home at last… time to collapse into bed… #

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