• @NintendoAmerica Super Mario Bros. was my first. Is there any better place to start? #Mario25 in reply to NintendoAmerica #
  • Check out Pilgrim’s Pilgrims – http://notalwaysright.com/pilgrims-pilgrims/8127 #
  • @UnknownNeo I want the hat, as I have costume plans. But not of the type one might expect… in reply to UnknownNeo #
  • I did not have one of these while I was in Montreal, nor am I sure I would have wanted to: The "Angry French Canadian" http://t.co/eGy5eR5 #
  • Um… how about "no?" – Magazine Copies Entire Story From Web, Tells Writer She Should Pay Them For Publishing It http://t.co/vREOGW1 #
  • 1 of the highlights of my trip was 1 member of airport security telling another incredulously of how the Shredder was voiced by Uncle Phil. #
  • Ugh, I hate typing with numbers. #
  • RT @themmnetwork News: Mega Man Legends 3 Web Planner Talks Devroom http://tinyurl.com/2ddasd6 #
  • RT @themmnetwork News: The TMMN Minicast #002 http://www.themmnetwork.com/2010/11/05/the-tmmn-minicast-002/ #
  • Hmm, feels like there was a video or link to something I wanted to check out earlier, but now I can't remember where it was. #curses #
  • So, when I went to Montreal, it turns out my hotel didn't have @The_Score. So I missed @WWENXT and tried to watch on @WWE's site, but no go. #
  • Says I can't watch it in my country, which is weird, as I thought @WWE loved Canada. I wonder if @GregSansone might know the answer… #
  • For now, does anyone know a good place to find a recap? I was actually interested in this week's ep, but my usual site didn't recap it. #
  • @#$%… I thought my headaches might be gone, since I only barely had one over the past few days, but I just got hit with a KILLER one… #
  • Head still hurts. Maybe sleep is the answer. #
  • Looks like sleep helped my head. I should book a doctor's appointment on Monday, though. #
  • @GregSansone Many thanks! in reply to GregSansone #

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