• @maqqy96 Hah, I hear that. Think I went through 500+ the other day. in reply to maqqy96 #
  • @Razorsaw …the he'll? Really? in reply to Razorsaw #
  • @arda_ocal @rft_3 Was anyone still wishing for Hogan at the time, though? in reply to arda_ocal #
  • Whew, what a dinner. Definitely something of an experience. A shame my old nemesis, rain, had to stop by on the way. #
  • Have to be ready for my flight early tomorrow, so I should get some rest. #
  • @DaveOshry Home!! in reply to DaveOshry #
  • @steveaustinBSR Whatever you do, just don't let him talk you into making a movie based on a video game. in reply to steveaustinBSR #
  • Bleh, no free wifi at the Montreal airport, so I guess this will be my last message until I get home. Yay for 3G, I guess. Costly, costly 3G #
  • Yay, back in T.O. with free wi-fi. Not much time to enjoy it, though, time to get a ride home. #
  • I have two things to write about DeusEx:HumanRevolution, but can't post them right away. I think I sort of like this embargo thing. Kind of. #
  • I do hate "old" e-mail, i.e. new e-mail that has a send date well before the time you receive it. #
  • Loving this comment on Examiner: http://tinyurl.com/2vcffll What if I just love video games? #
  • @Konami Spread Gun, hands down. in reply to Konami #
  • Toronto video game deals for the week of November 5th to November 11th, 2010 http://tinyurl.com/29bjb4t #
  • @MicrosoftCanada provides a way for Canadians to win Kinect http://tinyurl.com/28myop3 #
  • Canadians can get their Sonic on with Sonic Colors pre-order bonus http://tinyurl.com/29ahu89 #
  • @shinkuu Awesome, I've been curious about that one, after seeing ads with Phineas and Ferb. in reply to shinkuu #
  • I wish I knew what @kfc_canada has against grilled chicken. Just ordered dinner, &they had no grilled Double Down, nor any grilled sandwich. #
  • And @kfc_canada doesn't have the regular Kentucky Grilled Chicken, either. #
  • Also, no biscuits, & gravy for mashed potatoes costs extra. I could probably go on, but no-grilled was the most immediate and unexpected. #
  • At least they deliver, though it isn't cheap… #
  • @LanceHeart No kidding; @kfc_canada just delivered, and they messed up the order again. I specifically asked for mashed potatoes… in reply to LanceHeart #
  • …& we both got fries instead. Went over it with the guy 2or 3 times,having him read it back. Might just quit getting @kfc_canada delivery. #

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