• At Eidos Montreal, checking out Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Looks good so far; anyone have any questions they want me to ask? #
  • One I'm considering is whether all restaurants in the future are Taco Bell. #
  • Hotel TV sucks. Don't get Family OR The Score. Argh. #
  • Eidos washrooms are cool; the one for men is designated by a Hitman silhouette. For women: Lara Croft's silhouette, in profile. #
  • Just waiting to do my interview… hope it does alright. #
  • Grrrr… Still waiting. Played some Mario&SonicWinter… I keep beating King Boo down the hill, but it doesn't count as a win. #
  • Worse, the special ticket won't let me skip the event for some reason. #
  • Nothing worse than special "mercy" items that don't work when you need them. #
  • Finished my interview, caught a nap, now waiting with the others to go to our mystery dinner destination. #

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