• Just finished watching @pkollar's clips of old Nickelodeon video game shows: http://tinyurl.com/3xlhbc5 Ah, the good old days… sometimes. #
  • In the case of Nick Arcade… well, let's just say that there is a reason I believe the stories on NotAlwaysRight.com besides being there. #
  • RT @themmnetwork News: An Epic Rendition of Mega Man 2's Title Screen http://tinyurl.com/33us37r #
  • @Roto13 Personally speaking, between Wii Sports, Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Excite Truck, I was happy with the Wii's launch. in reply to Roto13 #
  • @DaveOshry Noted. in reply to DaveOshry #
  • From a conversation about Xmas on mIRC: "I'd buy everyone Virtual Console games and gift them, but @NintendoAmerica won't let me. Scrooges." #
  • No idea what they want from me sometimes. It's clearly not my money. Not in a way that would see to them getting much of it with ease. #
  • @DaveOshry …counter? in reply to DaveOshry #
  • w00t, March 2011 for 3DS in NA! Hey, @DaveOshry, what do I have to write in order for you to turn over one of those? #
  • Sigh, still playing catch-up on a few things. I have a month's worth of webcomics to catch up on, & Allspark's huge image threads are huge. #
  • Also have a trip to get ready for later this week. #
  • On the bright side, no bad headache today! #
  • @majornelson So… are the new Avatars a part of this? Or do they come with something else? in reply to majornelson #
  • November 1st is one of my favorite days of the year. Why? Discounted leftover Halloween candy in the stores. #
  • But sadly, this November 1st, I'm pretty much flat broke, so no candy for me. :( #
  • Oh, wow. The greatest thing has just happened: WWE has re-signed Sean Morley. #
  • For those who are unaware, Morley is best known in WWE for his Attitude-era portrayal of the character of Val Venis… a porn star. #
  • As WWE is a TV-PG program these days, I can't wait to see how they plan to use him. #
  • This Fable III article is outstanding in how bad the game sounds. More fun to read about than to play, perhaps? #
  • Seems the child issue in Fable III is not uncommon. And now I can't get @PeterGriffin's song "My Black Son" out of my head. #
  • Perhaps Molyneux watched too much Family Guy while developing Fable III. #
  • @HeyMickey …Trooper? in reply to HeyMickey #
  • RT @themmnetwork News: Rockman Sound Event in Japan This December http://tinyurl.com/232qwnd #
  • @UnknownNeo I know I could have; I remember thinking as much when I watched as a kid. in reply to UnknownNeo #
  • Huh, @ArchieComics is bringing back Jinx? http://fb.me/KwitAgMa Did anyone ask for this? Then again, they've been on a roll lately with Life #
  • Games shipping the week of November 1st, 2010 http://www.examiner.com/video-game-in-toronto/games-shipping-the-week-of-november-1st-2010 #

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