• @DanRyckert That is at once adorable and frightening. in reply to DanRyckert #
  • @DaveOshry There's an app for that. in reply to DaveOshry #
  • RT @themmnetwork News: Harpuia and Phantom Figures Incoming http://www.themmnetwork.com/2010/10/20/harpuia-and-phantom-figures-incoming/ #
  • Lovely. Twitter has now cut me off at five hours. #
  • Computer is still out. This stinks. Examiner was picking up, too. #
  • At least my Sonic 4 review is uploaded to @RipTen. Just needs some pics added, then posting. #
  • Looks like the new Nintendo Power is reaching mailboxes… I just got the last one; hope this one will be more timely. #
  • @LanceHeart "…sales of physical game copies simply don't account for all the money pumped into the industry anymore." Did it ever? in reply to LanceHeart #
  • The Ultimate Guide to Reorganizing Your Life Around Kinect – Xbox 360 Feature at IGN http://t.co/U0tCMhR via @AddThis #
  • @Protomanx Joe and Duke will turn the tide? Sigma 6 on your side? in reply to Protomanx #
  • @Protomanx Can't speak for anyone else, but I liked it, and not just for the irony, either. in reply to Protomanx #
  • @LanceHeart …to what they're counting, yes. But they make it sound like rentals and used games are something new. in reply to LanceHeart #
  • So, looks like another stone attack may be incoming. I should probably cut back on the chocolate milk and Tums, in case it's calcium-based. #
  • So, @NintendoAmerica is releasing the red DSi XL and Wii here, but without the 25th Super Mario Bros. or Donkey Kong? Kind of weak. #
  • And @NintendoAmerica still hasn't said anything about Super Mario All-Stars– that's even worse! #
  • @LanceHeart If it came with any of the aforementioned, I could actually almost accept that…even though I'm not sure people still use them. in reply to LanceHeart #
  • Twitter cuts me off at five hours again. They REALLY don't like people being away for long at all, do they? #
  • Well, I've done what I can for the Sonic 4 review. Ball is in @RipTen's court now. #

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