• The fight for online desktop capability continues. Until then, working on cleaning up this joint a bit more. #
  • In other news, finished watching G.I. Joe: The Revenge of Cobra with dinner. Roadblock remains one of my favorite African-American… #
  • …characters of all time. Why they replaced him with Heavy Duty, I'll never know, but I doubt any reason given would be good enough for me. #
  • In other news: I have completed all cups on Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. #
  • @Protodude Maybe. Nowhere useful, unfortunately. in reply to Protodude #
  • Yep, that means the desktop PC is still offline. We are looking into… possible solutions. #
  • Kidney stones, Thanksgiving, and now the computer.Past few weeks have been such a black hole for productivity.And recreation, in some cases. #
  • On another note, I have no idea what the person who designed our entertainment center was thinking. So few shelves seem to be the right fit. #
  • @DaveOshry …and Transformers, I hope. ;P in reply to DaveOshry #
  • Alright, that's enough griping from me for now. #
  • Happy 25th anniversary to the @NintendoAmerica Entertainment System! I just wish I'd been able to get my own tribute up in time. #
  • Absurd. http://gonintendo.com/?p=139581 Parents Television Council calls game industry, gamers 'bullies' #
  • Only seven hours back? Really, Twitter, that's all you'll give me? How long before we have to just get them transmitted into our brain? #
  • @JimSterling Same, and it is, apparently. in reply to JimSterling #
  • I tried using the Twitter mobile website to go back further, and it worked… Until I replied to a tweet. Took me to a new page, wiped out.. #
  • ..all my progress. Great design there, Twitter. Great design… #
  • Currently reading http://www.cracked.com/article_18817_5-reasons-future-will-be-ruled-by-b.s..html #
  • I may not be able to properly acknowledge/celebrate the launch of the game system which changed (helped define?) my life, but I can RT… #
  • …those who are. #
  • @LanceHeart Not saying I want it, just that it would be the only way to keep up, at this rate. in reply to LanceHeart #
  • @LanceHeart I just think it should have the same treatment TV, movies, music, etc. receives. Or vice-versa. And "bullies?" Please. in reply to LanceHeart #
  • @LanceHeart Not that I think children should be playing Grand Theft Auto in the first place, of course. in reply to LanceHeart #
  • @Konami Contra, Super C, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, TMNT trilogy, Metal Gear, and Snake's Revenge come to mind. We also had Top Gun. in reply to Konami #

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