• RT @themmnetwork News: Hidden Level Editor Discovered in Mega Man X/X3 http://bit.ly/cr2yun #
  • Twitter seems to be playing hardball with their new version, as the old is acting all sorts of wonky. #
  • Small number of posts when clicking "more" (just opening Twitter, there was but a single tweet from @jimmykorderas), several multi-tweets… #
  • They have my attention. #
  • Glad Sonic 4 is finally out, but I'm not biting yet… I want to see how the 360 demo plays before I commit to that or Wii. #
  • Alright, time to get to bed for the last day of "Thanksgiving," aka "this period of time my dad is in town." #
  • But first, this: Street Artist Banksy Creates Dark Opening For 'The Simpsons' – Yahoo! TV Blog http://yhoo.it/apDUeB #
  • @UnknownNeo I found it intriguing. I liked the comment one of the producers made about outsourcing, though. in reply to UnknownNeo #
  • So, Dad has departed for home through the Customs gate. Kinda sad… Inevitable, I realize, but still sad. #
  • So NPD isn't giving out sales numbers any more? Am I the only one happy that this "official" means of d***-waving between fanboys is kaput? #
  • @GrundyTheMan Those were obviously added in later via CGI. in reply to GrundyTheMan #
  • Oh, I like this week's theme. RT @Garfield_real Another day, another victim. http://www.garfield.com/comics/todayscomic.html #
  • Pepsi Throwback Is Here To Stay… For Now – The Consumerist http://t.co/VeYhmK9 via @AddThis #
  • @shinkuu McRib Sandwich Returning From McExile On Nov. 2 – The Consumerist http://t.co/AV0sTxl via @AddThis #
  • So, at the airport food court, there was a place called Wolfgang Puck's. Love the name, but think it's misapplied when it comes to the menu. #
  • "Puck Burger" just sounds bad. Worse, when you consider the popularity of hockey around here. A different name seems more suitable. #
  • Why not the "Wolfgang Burger," or the "Wolf Burger?" Or my personal favorite, the "Gang Burger?" #
  • Lovely: iTunes won't let me update my free game with it's free update because my CC info isn't up to date. Makes perfect sense to me. #
  • To those concerned: yes, I am quite aware that Wolfgang Puck is a famous chef. But only 140 characters, remember? I didn't think it required #
  • clarification. I still think naming a charred patty of beef after a piece of sporting equipment which said patty resembles is questionable. #
  • What would be wrong with a "Wolfgang Burger," anyway? Sounds more appetizing to me, and perhaps even a little bad-ass to boot. #
  • Sorry, not "named after" the sporting equipment; that should be "sharing a name" with it. I sincerely regret the error (as I'm typing this #
  • Odd, the tweet with the rest of that last thought is not appearing… #
  • I sincerely regret the error (as I'm typing this on my phone). There. #

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