• I'm betting Alberto Del Rio brings out a chihuahua in a Rey Mysterio mask; any takers (not Under)? #
  • Wow, To the letter. #
  • @arda_ocal I called this to the letter. You guys? in reply to arda_ocal #
  • @pvponline I don't disagree, but I was hoping you might touch on the fact that the "webcomic" is just an incomplete run of newspaper strips. in reply to pvponline #
  • Gamebook NES Characters Invade Real Facebook http://bit.ly/akwk03 #
  • @stephentotilo Heard about that one. Wanted to review it for one site for laughs, but I don't think they saw the humor in it. in reply to stephentotilo #
  • I'm beat. Catching a quick nap before GIJoe. Should have called my dad tonight, but felt too drained. Tomorrow should suffice. #
  • Awesome: RT @CMPunk When i'm at the top of the ramp….I check my imaginary watch…and I yell, "bah weep graaagnah wheep ni ni bong". #
  • Sonic Adventure: completed. Final battle was a touch annoying at times; talk about close shaves! #
  • @CMPunk That's awesome; what's with the finger-drawing on the top of the ramp, though? in reply to CMPunk #
  • Taking a brief siesta before I go out. Maybe when I get back, I can get some cleaning done around here. #
  • As soon as I step out the door: rain. How perfect is that? #
  • Whew, I'm back. Ugly weather. Picked up some good stuff, including TGIFriday's cheese pizza chips, better known to some as Pizzarias. #
  • @nadiaoxford got to try these rebranded 'Rias for the first time, and the verdict? A-Ok. #
  • Wow, 4/5 for MegaMan? Really? With a comparison to ScottPilgrim, no less? The Best and Worst Comics Based On Video Games http://t.co/l7CXGHW #
  • Though I didn't care much for the Zelda comic they featured, that was a neat shot of the Master Sword. But why this, and no NP Mario? #
  • Or Valiant Zelda? This is an odd list. Streets of Rage from Fleetway, but not their Sonic to compare with Archie's? #
  • My bad, Fleetway Sonic shares space under the Archie Sonic heading. #
  • @pkollar Oh? Awesome. I played some of those while researching an article that never got published. Fun stuff, amazingly. I'll check it out. in reply to pkollar #
  • This is a trip: Mario's Castle Calamity http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/476864 #
  • Just finished watching Thwomps: The Movie – http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/392553 #
  • I agree with this: Should Microsoft Revisit XBLA Achievements? – News – GameInformer.com http://t.co/ufJSBV9 via @gameinformer #
  • Hearing Vince McMahon sing the praises of a garbage man and "an honest day's work" on Vintage Collection seems so surreal these days. #

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