• Back from the hospital, as detailed by @nadiaoxford. 3DS & MML3 killed my sleep last night, and a kidney stone killed my productivity today. #
  • During the visit at the hospital, we recalled recently when she was playing Mega Man X8, that I pretty much asked for this. I said… #
  • "I would rather have a kidney stone than have to go through Gigabolt Man-o-War's stage," knowing full and well what that entails. #
  • After careful thought, I stand by my statement. #
  • I should add that this was probably my worst one to date, too. #
  • I love X8, but hate that stage. Not particularly keen on the Yeti's, either. #
  • Okay, Twitter-spam time is over. Just had to get that off my chest. Going to lay down now; I have to return for scans & whatnot in the morn. #
  • @uni_fof84 The lesser of two evils, but more tolerable nonetheless. in reply to uni_fof84 #
  • @shinkuu Thanks, I hope so, too. in reply to shinkuu #
  • @JRsBBQ @mauroranallo That would be epic. And best wishes for speedy recoveries to you both. in reply to JRsBBQ #
  • @warrenellis Is there anything going on with Castlevania: Dracula's Curse? Tried checking out the site/blog, but just get a database error. #
  • @warrenellis Ah, sorry; thought you ran the blog, so that's why I asked you. :) in reply to warrenellis #
  • @cracked Waiting to deal with a kidney stone, dealing with staff who have their stuff all mixed up. in reply to cracked #
  • @FlightLevel330 Thanks. So far, though, ineptitude is ruining the experience. in reply to FlightLevel330 #
  • Yay, we found the person who can set things right… We hope. #
  • I keep speaking too soon. They may have well and truly screwed up. We'll see what this guy has to say in a minute. #
  • The theme from "Jeopardy" would be really apt right now. #
  • Okay, now we're moving. Sort of. #
  • @Shortpacked Nice Waluigi impression, but it lacks passion. I give it a 7.5. in reply to Shortpacked #
  • Ultrasound GET! #
  • Free at last! Free at last! #
  • And now we're home at last. And tired. Sleep sounds good… #

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