As if the money situation wasn’t bad enough, I just got back from the hospital for yet another kidney stone. Or possibly the same one, having lain dormant.

Either way, Red is off to the pharmacy to get meds, plus the cost of getting me there and back, PLUS the fact I have to go back in tomorrow for scans… yeah.

What really gets me is that while 3DS and Legends 3 and such news killed my sleep schedule last night, it was a guilty pleasure. This, however, killed any and all productivity for me today. No pleasure, but I still feel crappy about it.

Incidentally, during the visit, Red and I recalled when she was playing Mega Man X8 for something she’s working on. I love Mega Man X8, but while she was playing Gigavolt Man-o-War’s stage, I said something to the effect of “I would rather have another kidney stone than have to play through that stage,” knowing full and well what that entails.

And given that I never touched that stage, I guess I got what I asked for. And after careful consideration, including the fact that this is my worst one yet, I stand by my statement. I’m not big on the Yeti’s stage, either.

I was going to detail what exactly this entails, but decided maybe that was too much.

Alright, now I’m off to lay down until Red returns. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be a total bust, but it sounds like we could be at the hospital for a while. Maybe after, I can work on providing some late-but-comprehensive 3DS coverage.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”