• @Rinrygamegame Consider it Dugg! in reply to Rinrygamegame #
  • DeviantArt doesn't work, LJ half-works, the pizza guy's handheld card terminal doesn't work, my computer keeps freezing…ominous, isn't it? #
  • Just finished catching up on two weeks of webcomics, and am enjoying a 7UP. I bet I regret the latter when I get to sleep. #
  • Also, it seems 7UP has no Twitter. This is unfortunately; they could have the Cool Spots getting into all sorts of crazy antics. #
  • Then again, they didn't really talk, did they? So would typing really work for them? Character-wise? #
  • Time for sleep. Nearly caught up on everything, save for a desirable sleep schedule. And yet, there is still much to be done. #
  • @HurricaneHelms Woo, royalties! in reply to HurricaneHelms #
  • All hail. RT @ripten The King of Kong Reclaims His Crown and Walks Away: http://bit.ly/anUvPb #
  • RT @PhillyD FACT. Everything looks cooler retro. http://ow.ly/1qNuXI #
  • It's official: I hate Super Mario Crossover. Or rather, I hate that nothing I do will allow me to play it with anything but a keyboard. #
  • Logitech? Keeps pressing down or right by itself for some reason. Xbox 360 controller? Joy2Key won't even recognize it, even after… #
  • …installing the controller software AND DirectX whatever. #
  • Okay, nothing else is recognizing the Xbox controller, either. What gives? #
  • @Devcon_Allspark Like Joy2Key? It won't recognize the 360 pad. in reply to Devcon_Allspark #
  • Sigh, "Setup cannot continue because one or more of the required installation files are missing or damaged. Run setup again from the… #
  • …software CD-ROM or another reliable installation source." & I got it from MS' website; guess that says something about their reliability. #
  • It's not showing in "Game Controllers" on the Control Panel, either. #
  • Okay, waitasec– I have a wireless controller with the USB connector which came with the system. Does that not work for some reason? #
  • @arda_ocal Wait, what? in reply to arda_ocal #

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