• Just hit NYC's Penn Stn, and @kfc_colonel's is closed. My DoubleDown venture has been a DoubleFail. #
  • @1baronjennyson said DoubleDowns were good for "food induced comas." That would have been welcome for the long trip back with no sleep car. #
  • …breaking news! It seems they didn't move @kfc_colonel's place in Penn Stn; they built ANOTHER one, which doesn't stay open as late. #
  • @nadiaoxford didn't go far enough to see the original last time, and we came across it while looking for another place to go. Score one DD! #
  • They forgot to leave off the pepperjack as I'd asked, but it was still good. Wish we'd found this before, so I could try the grilled, too. #
  • Wish I'd gotten the cashier's name, she provided great service. Now I just hope @kfc_colonel's Canuck counterpart brings DoubleDown&KGC up. #
  • Rumored new WWE logo looks… interesting. #
  • SO tired… I can has GONE yet? Can't wait to get on the train, but there is half an hour to go. #
  • @CallMeWingus Argh, too late to do me any good. in reply to CallMeWingus #
  • Yay, I'm back in data-plan territory! Too bad I can't check tweets between eight and nine hours old. #
  • 1 more thought before I put this thing away: where iPhoneVsDS comparisons are concerned, it doesn't seem iPhone can compete on battery life. #
  • Well, it's good to be back home, and OH GOD, I FORGOT HOW HOT IT IS HERE!!! WHYYYYYyyyyy?!?! #

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