• Games shipping the week of August 2nd, 2010 – http://tinyurl.com/2a3kyy5 #
  • Chilling out a bit before the trip home, then I can rest from that. Actually looking forward to getting back into the ol' rut. #
  • Look forward to seeing the cats again, too. But I hate missing a week of @wwe with no way to catch up. #
  • But the con was fun, and the panel went well. #
  • @Shake_Well Maybe a little. But then, I hear that almost every week. :) in reply to Shake_Well #
  • One last chance to try DoubleDown tonight at Penn Stn again. Hope they're ready this time; pity that @kfc_colonel's coupons didn't make it. #
  • I thank @kfc_colonel for trying, but I guess it simply was not meant to be… this time. #
  • @ezekielwwe I do. in reply to ezekielwwe #
  • At the station in Baltimore, waiting for the train. And suffering from the acid reflux it seems U.S. drinks are so keen to give me. #
  • Why, beverages? Why would you turn on one of your own this way? And with @Pepsi Throwback so hard to come by, at that. #
  • And on the note of drinks found in the U.S., I still want my orange drink back, @McD_Canada . I've once more been shown the Golden Land… #
  • @McD_Canada …and it was good. #
  • @arda_ocal What, really? Figures it would have to happen on the week I missed. in reply to arda_ocal #
  • Dang, @pulsewrestling's live blog of Raw doesn't seem to work on iPhone. May be a bit before I get caught up. #
  • GlaDOS-sounding announcer told us to prepare to board our train, but it's not here. Wish she'd said "Ha ha ha. Made you look." #

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