• To everyone else: that means we made it to NYC okay. Now to wait six hours for our next departure. Good thing there is now free wifi here. #
  • On another note: funny that it's only AFTER I got an iPhone that I'm getting all these "try iPhone 4" offers. Too late, guys. Thanks, but no #
  • @ShawnMichaels_ is finally on Twitter! Huzzah! #
  • We are just about to depart Penn Station for Baltmore. Hopefully that gives me enough time to turn that rotten beam, Fawful, into jelly. #
  • Shouldn't have wasted my good fortune on Fawful. Now we can't get into our hotel room, nor reach Lyra, whose name it's in. #eff #
  • Situation has improved; we can now enter our room when they finish preparing it… sometime in the next nine hours. #

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