• @mainfinger So was Fusion… not saying it's bad, just that it wasn't as good. in reply to mainfinger #
  • Wow, Randy Orton is the #1 trending topic worldwide on Twitter? *sniff* These are the times I'm proud to be a wrestling fan… #
  • @mainfinger All true enough, but I still think putting thoughts of Super Metroid aside may be the best course for Other M. in reply to mainfinger #
  • Wow, he does. RT @DanRyckert Current WWE champion Sheamus looks like a character from Mike Tyson's Punch-Out http://imgur.com/oeNLG #
  • @UnknownNeo I'd say "Irish Cream," but that leaves out the stuff you were talking about. in reply to UnknownNeo #
  • Kinect is $150? I can't wait! …to sit on the sidelines and see where this goes, because that's more than I can pay. #
  • @CapcomEuro has made a declaration of war: "True fact of the morning – Americans can't cook Bacon…." in reply to CapcomEuro #
  • @PressTheButtons @keripwny Seconded. Bowser's Inside Story is the best of the M&L series, and is nearly on par with the Paper Mario games. in reply to PressTheButtons #
  • @PressTheButtons @keripwny Well, I have to concur; TTYD should take priority. in reply to PressTheButtons #
  • Alright, missed my alarm and woke up later than I wanted, but the day's not a waste yet. Time to go out and get some things done. #

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