No RipTen today, I’m afraid; I’ve been far too busy working on Examiner stuff.

For starters, we have Toronto video game deals for the week of July 9th to July 15th, 2010. But that’s not where all my time went…

No, my time went into this:

Nintendo of Canada turns E3 into Eh!3

That wound up taking far more time than I imagined. Basically, Red and I received the opportunity to check out some of Nintendo’s E3 offerings last week, and were more than happy to take them up on the offer. It was quite a fun experience.

Within are also some pics of the two of us at the event (one near the top, two more at the end of the slideshow). You can read my thoughts on everything, and browsing is made a little easier by way of bold game titles at the start of each new section.

I really wanted to get this done a lot sooner, but stuff kept happening. I didn’t get the pics until late last Friday, and I didn’t want to post on 4th of July/Canada Day weekend, when odds are no one would see the article. Then over the past week, there was work for RipTen, a blackout, an Examiner system maintenance, and other such crap. Finally just decided that I was taking today to work on Examiner stuff only, and I’d do whatever else if I had the time (which I didn’t).

…and that was my needless rant about why this was posted now instead of days ago. That is my only regret.

Anyway, hope you visit, hope you read it, hope you enjoy it, hope you show it to all your friends, loved ones, and maybe any pets or plants who like to stare at the computer for hours on end.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”