The 2010 San Diego Comic-Con is this week, and as always, it brings with it lots of exclusive toys for attendees to buy. This is often a painful endeavor for those who cannot go, as aftermarket prices can be simply insane, but this year seems worse than ever!

Topless Robot has put together a list of this year’s 20 greatest exclusives. But even with that many, there are still some great items left unmentioned, such as Capcom’s recently announced Mega Man Universe foam Mega Busters, or the Servbot Bobble Buds from Mega Man Legends.

Besides the Mega Man stuff (more of which is listed here, obviously, the items topping my “most wanted” list of SDCC exclusives this year include the reissue of Transformers Autobot Blaster with three of his cassettes (Steeljaw, woot), the Marvel Super Hero Squad “Sunday Morning” Dr. Doom figure, and the Masters of the Universe Classics homage to the Robot Chicken sketch featuring Skeletor and Mo-Larr: Eternian Dentist:

Other appealing items include Sgt. Slaughter from G.I. Joe and the MOTU Classics Orko with Prince Adam “accessory.” Plus, Nintendo is making its first appearance there since 2006; they’ve made no mentions of exclusives, short of a Dragon Quest IX downloadable map, but Metroid: Other M will be available to play there, over a month before its release.

Are any of you going to Comic-Con? And if so, which items are you hoping to grab?

–LBD “Nytetrayn”