I don’t usually post toy reviews here very much, but this one has me rather excited.

Arise, Animated Rodimus Prime*!

According to the review, it sounds like Roddy is showing up exclusively at Toys R Us stores now (mine still don’t have Transformers Generations Optimus Prime from War for Cybertron and Drift, dangit), but Tformers says that he and his wavemate, Animated Ironhide (who I passed over Animated Cybertron Mode Ratchet in favor of) are officially due in stores beginning August 1st.

* I know the toy is technically named “Rodimus Major,” but nuts to that. I think it’s bollocks that they give us a show full of Primes, and as soon as they come to Rodimus, all of a sudden “we have too many Primes.” Nuts to that.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”