• @JinSaotome Sounds like that list was faked. Took me a bit to find anything on the source link,&it sounds like it was deleted in the forums. in reply to JinSaotome #
  • Dinnertime… #
  • Clearly the kind of mentality we need in this economy. http://tinyurl.com/38nle96 Clearly, the best way forward is to make sure that only… #
  • …the people who have jobs are the ones to get jobs. #
  • So, like WrestleMania: The Arcade Game, then? RT @gameinformer WWE Slam Looks To Be The NBA Jam Of Wrestling Titles http://bit.ly/a8tVjO #
  • Apparently not; over-the-top, yes. Summoning ghosts and stuff flying everywhere? Not so much. #
  • Bacon In Different Hues – The Consumerist: http://bit.ly/8YyAne via @addthis #
  • Quality aside, what would the difference be? RT @Shake_Well No, more like WWF In Your House. #
  • Microsoft Took Red Ring Out Of Redesigned Xbox To Prevent Red Ring Of Death – The Consumerist: http://bit.ly/cgcwDe via @addthis #
  • Says commenter Mambru: "RROD is like Kleenex we know the real name should be tissues but we call it kleenex no matter the manufacturer" #
  • So many power-ups untouched, so many Koopas unstomped… RT @collegehumor The Problem With Warp Whistles http://bit.ly/a4zy1n #

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