Now, this is interesting. As you might recall, I took the opportunity yesterday to express some frustration I was feeling with a game I love, Super Mario Galaxy 2. I love the game, I’m having a blast, and I’m doing fairly well with it, but not quite at a level one might consider “pro.”

Today, Adam Sessler of G4TV’s X-Play has a new “Sessler’s Soapbox” video up in which he seems to echo my thoughts rather solidly:

The timing of this is an amazing coincidence. That, or he reads the site, in which case I’d just like to say “hi, Adam!”

Even so, I have to admit: I never considered the possibility that the Nunchuk could perhaps be involved in my shortcomings.

Now, I’m not trying to shift the blame– as I said yesterday, it seems like nearly everyone I read about playing the game is doing fine, and I’ve never personally noticed any problems with the Nunchuk controller. But at the same time, I never looked to it for/as an explanation, either.

So, just to put it out there, have any of you noticed any trouble through using the Nunchuk controller on Super Mario Galaxy 2, or even the first one, for that matter? Opinions at GoNintendo seem to vary a bit.

Touching on other points, I have had Mario spin when I don’t want him to (usually when I should have paused to scratch an itch, or something like that), as well as not spin when I wanted him to. As for the extra lives? I’m of the camp that thinks if any game should still keep that system, it’s Mario; the green 1UP Mushrooms and their accompanying sound just strike me as too iconic to get rid of.

Still, would it hurt to let us save our stockpile? Especially when you’re just going to let us load up from the mail Toad, dice, bonus games, and other stuff in the hub?

–LBD “Nytetrayn”