In the post below this one, you might have noticed a compilation of all my tweets for the day.

Upon the addition of some tools that would allow me to directly add my newest posts to Twitter (thanks, Lance), it was discovered that I could, in fact, also run the process in reverse, and have a collection of each day’s (or week’s) tweets posted here to PMO.

Over the past year, maybe less, I’ve gotten rather into the Twitter thing. Which in itself is interesting, as I lack any sort of mobile device which would allow me to keep people abreast of anything remotely interesting that I am doing.

However, what got me into it was following other more interesting people, and that expanded to friends and family with similar interests, websites, people in various forms of entertainment, and so on. And I tend to retweet a lot of interesting links from all of those Twitter… ers… Tweeters? Twits? Whatever they’re called.

Anyway, I figured that with so many links and such, and in lieu of my old Daily ‘Shroom/Points of Interest articles that were chock full of links, this would be a good way to share with people who don’t follow me on Twitter, or just aren’t on there period, some of the interesting comments and stories I come across.

It might do with some refinement down the line, but for now, I hope you’ll enjoy.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”