The year 2009 has come to its inevitable end, and as we all know by now, so too has the end of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as we knew them come.

As such, this marks the perfect time for looking back at the past 25 years of Turtle Power and deciding which moments were its finest. However, while I am a longtime and devoted TMNT fan, I willingly admit that my knowledge is not as vast as that of some others, particularly where the realms of the Mirage and Image continuities begin to get deep.

To that end, I defer to Dr. Spengler for such a list, for he has compiled 25 events which span the Turtle multiverse. From the cartoons to the other cartoons, the movies, the comics, the other comics… from what I know, Spengler has seen through it all, which has led to this list.

Of course, I imagine everyone has their own personal favorites that aren’t on there (Future Raph punching Hitler after Future Leo says they already have his soul, and are there for his brain comes to mind), but it’s difficult to dispute any of the moments on this list. If anything, it simply seems to indicate that we probably need a bigger list to get everything.

And to me, that’s a good thing to remember the series for.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”