Oy, I should be doing better at updates than this. Hopefully I’ll get two more up tonight.

A friend of a friend of mine found the following commercial that I don’t recall ever seeing before of Super Mario Collection:

For those who didn’t know, “Super Mario Collection” was the simple title given to Super Mario All-Stars in Japan. One has to admit, it’s more straight and to the point; when I first heard of Super Mario All-Stars, I thought it was going to be a Mario baseball game. Imagine how silly I felt when I learned the (preferred) truth.

Ironic, then, what the future would bring in that regard.

Anyway, hey, check it out! It’s Wart! Bowser has some cool shades, too. And Princess? All I have to say is daaaaaang.

All the animated bits like this they use in Japan for commercials like these leaves me disappointed that Mario never had more of an animated presence there, two OVAs aside (which really should be localized, in my humble opinion).

Finally, am I the only one who loves those neon versions of the different logos?

–LBD “Nytetrayn”