Before there was Nintendo Power magazine, there was the Nintendo Fun Club newsletter. And much to my regret, that was before my time in becoming a lifelong video game hobbyist.

Indeed, I came into the world of video game magazines with the first issue of Nintendo Power, and missed the Fun Club newsletter completely. I’ve been with the magazine almost solidly since, save for a seven-month span leading into the first issue of their 2005 pre-Future revamp (volumes 187 through 193) in which I could not afford to resubscribe, as well as the period in which I rode the coattails of my wife’s subscription.

And personally, I would love to get my hands on those seven issues, as well as the Nintendo Fun Club newsletter. It’s too bad that they didn’t have eBay back when I first got on board, because I bet it would have been handy, and probably cheaper than finding them now.

Fortunately, the 1UP Retro Blog has a decent compromise for me in its latest article, The Paper Trail: Nintendo Fun Club News (Part 1). I may not have gotten to read the NFC newsletter, but at least now I can know what went on in each edition and revel in the small-press charm each of the seven issues that went to members before Nintendo upped the ante and rolled out all the news that you can use in Nintendo Power.

Maybe someday I can fill out these few holes in my collection. But for now, I’m going to read and reminisce while wondering if there is some sort of lifetime rate for subscription.