Oh, do I ever hate spoilers. I’m willing to accept it after a given period of time– there’s a point where it’s simply your fault if you haven’t seen/played/read the material in question, I believe. What drives me crazy is when you never see it coming, and it’s so soon after whatever it is came out.

Funny thing: I used to be all about spoilers. It was during Dragon Ball Z of all things that I found out I prefer not to be spoiled, however. I’d read about things and a friend of mine would tell me a lot of stuff that would happen, but without the context or knowing just when it would happen… it just seemed to lessen the impact. And when I would see things I didn’t know about happening, I found out I actually enjoyed that more than the stuff I knew about.

Plus, waiting for something to happen can really kind of mess with how you watch something. “Is this where he dies? Oh, no… not yet. Okay, but it’s coming… now? Nope, too soon… now?”

If people enjoy spoilers, that’s fine. I can sort of relate, as I said. But there should definitely be more courtesy between those people and those who wish to remain unspoiled. As Uncle Ben told Peter Parker before he was shot, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

…oh, crap. You knew about that part… right?

–LBD “Nytetrayn”