What a whirlwind the past seven days have been.

Wednesday, I fly out to LA to check out WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010, which I do on Thursday, flying back early Friday (arriving well into the evening), and then meeting my dad at the airport for Thanksgiving on Saturday afternoon. He went back on Tuesday, but not before bestowing upon the missus and I a rather generous gift (don’t want to say too much; let’s just say that I could see Dead Rising now).

And today, just when I think normalcy is about to return to my life… Captain Lou Albano passed away early yesterday, at the age of 76. Causes unknown.

It has been rather jarring, shocking even. And hard to believe. I tried to put things into words here, though I cannot be sure of how good a job I did. Perhaps I should have let things sink in more, I don’t know.

After work, I celebrated how I best knew the man by ordering a Brooklyn-style pizza from Domino’s and watching WWE Vintage Collection and some of my DVDs of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, including the featured interview with the man himself, who gave his famed beard to play the part of everyone’s favorite powerhouse plumber.

Rest in Peace, Captain. While I never got to meet you as I had hoped I would, you will nonetheless remain in my memories.

With that, let’s do The Mario one more time. All together now:

Of course, if you want something that is perhaps a little more likely to bring tears to your eyes, David Willis of Shortpacked! found this video of the Super Show credits, with the song “Leave the Memories Alone” from when Ric Flair retired last year playing over it. It’s… a little odd.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”