1. One thing I’ve enjoyed about Shawn Michaels’ return to the WWE is that lately, he doesn’t seem so concerned about being in the WWE title picture so much, and is just having more fun being funny. Some samples of which follow:

    Not only does the man wrestle one hell of a match, but he’s good on the stick, too.

  2. Hook was a cool movie, and deserves a cool techno remix. Hey, there’s one now!

  3. Cash4Gold? Preorder Dark Void at GameStop, and Capcom will give you an even better deal:

  4. I am seriously… seriously looking forward to Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing right now.

  5. The guys from machinima web series Red vs. Blue are happy that there’s a new Halo game on the way. And the best part? These aren’t Spartans they’re dealing with, just a bunch of regular old Marines, and so they should just be total pushovers, right?


  6. Coming this month in Animal Crossing: City Folk: new GameCube furniture!

    I will be all over that. But I wonder if it comes in different colors?

  7. Two weeks until Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, and I can’t wait. But first, I should finish Partners in Time. Lucky for me, I’m near the end.

    More vids of the game can be found here.

  8. And finally… epic Urban Champion. But since, for some reason, GameTrailers likes to offer embed codes that don’t work on its user videos, here’s a link instead.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”