I don’t remember what exactly possessed me to decide to read about the history of the nWo, but here I am, reading up on one of the biggest angles in wrestling history, much of which I watched as it happened. Good times, to be sure, but they weren’t to last.

Perhaps part of why I decided to read up on it was due to WWE’s newest DVD release, The Rise and Fall of WCW. Something I should check out, certainly.

One has to hand it to the brilliance of using stars from a rival organization, now signed to your organization, to invade your organization, thus drawing fans from the rivals to cheer for the people trying to take over your program. It’s twisted, but it’s exactly why I began tuning in to WCW week after week.

And then we got “The Fingerpoke of Doom,” which I was actually a bit surprised to find has its own entry on Wikipedia. Here is the moment in question:

“This is what pro wrestling… what WORLD Championship Wrestling is all about!” Talk about ominous foreshadowing, in a manner of speaking.

Personally, I think D-Generation X did it far better, and about two years earlier, at that. Technically, it’s not a “fingerpoke,” but it was certainly far more entertaining:

–LBD “Nytetrayn”