So today, I copped out on digging out and hooking up the Dreamcast to celebrate its 10th anniversary by playing the GameCube equivalent of Sonic Adventure 2 and Crazy Taxi on the Wii (I may play the real DC next weekend). It could either be karma against my laziness, or just the universe trying to inform me that something is amiss and I need to take notice, but either way, bad news.

The games are fine; however, their data on the big-arse GameCube memory card I received a few years ago have become corrupt. What’s strange is, when I went to load the data, it was fine; any subsequent saving or loading, however, was no good.

Now I’m worried about my other data, and am not touching any of it. Fortunately, I have my original memory card which I believe has most of the data still on it… unless something happened there, too. I’m worried to check, and the data menu of the Wii just tells you about the data, it can’t tell if it is corrupted.

I guess this means I call Nintendo tomorrow, and hope something can be done. But has this happened to anyone else?

On the upside, this may mean that the copy of Pac-Man World 3 I picked up for a few bucks used a while back may not be beyond hope; that game would not allow me to save, and I thought something was wrong with the game. So if I can get this straightened out, I may give that one another try sometime.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • Ujn Hunter

    This is one of the many reasons that Homebrew rocks. I can backup all of my Wii/Gamecube save games to my Computer. :)

  •,com_smf/Itemid,54/action,profile/u,29518/ Willian Warnes

    Great post! Pacman’s a classic. It is one of the least complicated yet most revolutionary games ever.

  • Riley Carter

    i love to play all day on my gamecube. ‘,`

  • Luca Richards

    I like both the Gamecube and Xbox, we have them in our home office and also in our living room.-“~

  • Emily Jones

    i love to play on gamecubes and on psp machines, so addicting ‘`