…four Ninja Turtles just aren’t enough.

Those in attendance at San Diego Comic-Con last month were also able to experience a sneak preview, thus yielding the following recorded voice samples of the new “old” Turtles from the ’87 cartoon:

Finally, Dr. Spengler from The Allspark offers insight which indicates this may be even bigger than expected:

Well, I’m likely the only one on the site who reads Mirage’s current Turtles comic, Tales of the TMNT.

But if you’d been reading it, you’d know that within the Mirage Universe they’ve actually been working toward this crossover by establishing that the TMNT exist within a Multiverse similar to the one the Transformers franchise inhabits.

During the Wild West C.O.W Boys of Moo Mesa crossover, Cudley the Cowlick from the Archie Comics TMNT Adventures series made a cameo and began making cryptic references to the Archie series. He then later appeared and the Multiverse was revealed recently with the Mirage Turtles looking into different unvierses: the Archie Universe, the Movie Universe and their past selves.

In the most recent issues, they’ve also met dimension-traveling creatures that have been refering to the Multiverse.

And long before that, Mirage Leo traveled to the Battle Nexus…the SAME one from the 2k3 series.

So this DVD movie is actually working with continuity that’s been building up in the current Mirage comic. The…one that nobody reads.

Funky stuff.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”