Just a little late to the party on this one by about a week, but as my wife was setting the alarm on the clock-radio, we heard the DJ mention the name of Jason David Frank. Or rather, “Jason David F–” before my wife switched it off, we looked at each other, and she switched it back on.

Thankfully, it’s not another celebrity death, although I’m sure there are those who would debate Frank’s status as a celebrity. Regardless of how you feel there, it appears that he has joined the world of mixed martial arts.

For those who don’t know, and as the DJ was only too willing to point out, Frank played the role of Tommy Oliver, who was both the Green and White Mighty Morphin Power Rangers so many years ago, as well as the subsequent Red Zeo Ranger V, Red Turbo Ranger, and most recently, the Black Dino Thunder Ranger. He continued by saying that the rules are still being worked out as to whether the Dragonzord or Saba the talking sword (actually referred to by name) would be allowed, though he was confident that the flute would be involved in some capacity.

Then, in closing, he admitted “I am such a nerd.”

Nonetheless, though I’m not a huge MMA fan, I would definitely watch him in action. He is signed with a sports management and marketing company called SuckerPunch Entertainment, and they seem to have some sort of ties to the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which hosts the talent of one former World Wrestling Entertainment World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar.

Yes, I am dying to see the Green Ranger take on a former WWE World Champion. What’s more, I’ll even be rooting for Frank.

Still, to see the guy now is… holy @#$%. SuckerPunch has a short interview with Mr. Frank, and some of the pictures, the non-Power Ranger ones, show him with enough tattoos to make the Undertaker turn green with envy.

I did not realize that he was only three years older than me. For some reason, I seem to remember the gap being much more substantial. Then again, when you’re younger, three years makes up a much greater length of time in your life.

Frank’s closing words to his fans are as follows:

“Please support my fights, and I hope I put on a good show. It won’t be any putties or monsters at the end of my fists and feet. It’s going to be for real this time.”

So long as I can find a way to watch them, you can count on my support.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”

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    Green Ranger Power! Jason David Frank is the best!

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    Great site! I love tattoos and have a few myself.