Well, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was certainly interesting: He had Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell on as a guest.

And I don’t mean Mark-Paul Gosselaar. I mean Zack frickin’ Morris.

It was really wild; he looked just like he did back then– I almost wondered if they did the same thing they used on Patrick Stewart in X-Men Origins: Wolverine or Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator Salvation. But for a late night show? I very much doubt it.

It was total fanservice; he never broke character, even going so far as to pull out that old brick of a cell phone when “Jessie” called. Seems that Fallon is putting together a SBTB 20th anniversary reunion, and so far Mr. Belding/Dennis Haskins, Lisa/Lark Voorhees, Slater/Mario Lopez, Jessie/Elizabeth Berkley, and Zack/Mark-Paul Gosselaar are all in.

Oh, what am I talking about it here for? Turns out, the show has an embed, and the segment is posted already:

In hindsight, I think SBTB is hokey as all hell now, yet still somewhat enjoyably so, perhaps even because of its hokeyness. But nonetheless, this was an odd pleasure to see, especially with how tongue-in-cheek it was, and I hope Fallon is able to assemble the whole crew. I might just tune in to see that.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”