Today has been kind of depressing, and I wish I had managed to post this before the day would end. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that today marks the tenth anniversary of the passing of Owen Hart, who was one of my favorite wrestlers leading up to his untimely death.

I’m really not sure what else to add about this; he was a joy to watch in the ring, and listening to stories from those around him makes me wish I’d gotten to meet him in person. He may never have held the WWF World Title, but I’ll always see him as a true champion.

To mark the occasion, Pulse Wrestling has posted a few stories relating to Owen Hart that are worth a look, assuming you’re into wrestling at all. And perhaps even if not. Either way, they do well to articulate some of the things I’ve thought, yet haven’t found a way to say them.

Remembering Owen Hart, Ten Years Later

Owen Hart’s Top Ten Matches in the WWF

How Has Owen Hart’s Death Changed Wrestling?

In addition, I’ve always felt a certain unease about Owen never claiming the World title. Prior to WrestleMania 25 this year, however, some words from Triple H (like him or not), managed to put me at ease. You can hear what he says in the interview here.

Nonetheless, I still think he should have gotten to hold the belt, even if he was nothing more than a transitional champion.

R.I.P., Owen.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”