So, as a result of being a Featured User Movie on GameTrailers, I have discovered the joys of Pat the NES Punk, a retro video game reviewer who entertains and appeals to my love of old NES-era video games. Though his name reminds me of the former Angry Nintendo Nerd (now “Angry Video Game Nerd,” for those of you who haven’t kept up) in an antithetical sort of way, that’s more or less where the resemblance ends. He seems to have his own antics, and unlike the Nerd, he doesn’t just go after bad games.

In fact, despite being a self-professed “punk,” his videos are a lot cleaner than Nerd’s, in terms of content; no heavy strings of curses or diarrhea visuals here. However, he does touch on a lot of he same types of points that the Nerd will. My only real problem is that it seems like the place he records these videos could use some better lighting, especially for the intro. Or conversely, a better camera. Here’s one video to give you an idea of what his stuff is like:

So, if you like watching videos about old games, good or bad, then Pat has a pretty decent thing going on here; I’ve watched several already, including his “Black Box” NES game videos. You can find his videos on GameTrailers here, or his newer content on his YouTube channel here.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”