At long last, I’ve added the third and final part of my celebration of 15 Years of Wario to the features portion of the website.

And what better way to wrap things up than to speak with none other than Wario himself? At least, such was the thinking when I tried to come up with a good way wrap up part 2; my wife said something to close in a mock Wario voice, and with that, I attempted to contact none other than Wario’s voice actor, Charles Martinet. It likely would have happened a lot sooner, but then Nintendo revealed that Wario Land: Shake It!! was coming out for the Wii that very year, and so gears were shifted so that the interview would incorporate more of that into it, and would be posted leading up to the game’s release. What more could anyone ask for to celebrate 15 years?

Well, if you’re Wario, lots. Unfortunately for him, however, this is all he gets. I’d suggest that perhapss the portly anti-plumber should learn the value of moderation, but then he wouldn’t be Wario, would he?

Anyway, I hope that if you didn’t check it out when it first came out last year on Kombo, that you’ll be able to enjoy it now. There’s an MP3 of the interview you can download, as I feel if a voice actor is going to be interviewed, it should be heard, and a transcript for you to follow along with, just in case.

It’s definitely one of the most fun and pleasurable pieces I’ve had the opportunity to work on, and I definitely hope I have the honor of doing it again sometime.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”