Got my copy of Sonic Unleashed, and… wow. Generally speaking, I was happy with it, until I reached the Tornado Quick-Time Event part. I’ve never played a QTE before, and now I’m glad– talk about hitting a brick wall. Half the time, the button presses did nothing, even while the stuff was on the screen, and you take WAY too much damage during the boss part, which was a mix of attacks coming from an angle you can’t see, or “fire all weapons!” madness.

So far, I’ve had no real problem with the Hedgehog/Daytime or Werehog/Nighttime parts. I’m glad I only dropped twenty bucks on it, if this is as far as I can go, though I still feel ripped off. Couldn’t this have come later in the game?

Given I now have No More Heroes, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, the last two Phoenix Wright games, and even Castlevania Judgment plus working on Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, this really hurts Unleashed’s competitive advantage.

I’m thinking of contacting SEGA and asking for my money back. Just for kicks. Stuff like this makes me feel a bit less sorry for developers who complain about the used game market, given that it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if things like this were a reason for gamers trading in their old titles– and others saving what they can on something they’re uncertain about. After all, if you buy a game and crap like this comes up, the customer has no real protection– once the seal is cracked, they can’t return it unless it’s defective (as in, it won’t run). And even then, you can only get the same title.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • MattG

    I also hit the wall on this part and I was shocked that it happened so early in the game. It’s just a mess of a level, although I think the developers know this. Things fell apart for me when I would spaz out and start hammering buttons rapidly and randomly, to which Tails would say something like “Sonic, calm down!”. They know all too well, I think. I did eventually get past it after about a week of putting it aside and I have yet to come across another QTE section, but I know it’s coming. Why build that into the game engine and not use it again? I do like the PS3 version over the Wii one though by a landslide. I can’t decide if I want to buy the game (it’s a GameFly rental right now) or just keep the demo version on my PS3 hard drive with its one day level and bring that out when I need a speed fix.

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