I’ve been too lax in updating, I should change that. But I’ve just been so tired lately. I think cutting back on drinking Coke has affected my energy levels.

Anyway, to get back on track, here’s a double-dose of Robot Chicken. Sadly, they’re still only airing reruns here… just a night or two ago was the You Can’t Do That on Television-styled season break. For the 87 millionth time.

First up, here’s what happened to the kid who didn’t get Bumblebee at the used car lot in the TransFormers movie:

Even better is this one, featuring the newest member of GI Joe. Ever wonder why neither team had a dedicated sniper?

Sadly, no one’s added the two video game-based ones based on Donkey Kong and Gauntlet to YouTube yet, so I can’t view them. But assuming you’re within US borders, you can catch them over at Press The Buttons as I sit quietly by myself and wish I could talk to my friends about cool stuff I’ve seen online, but “the man” somewhere won’t let me.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”