The guys at Mega64 are at it again, with a pretty funny video which uses a lot of metaphors for what transpired between Ziff Davis and UGO regarding and EGM.

It’s funny, but sadly misinformed to some degree. If UGO had not stepped in, then the whole thing was going to die anyway, and everyone would have lost their jobs. They wound up hiring people, but only some of them. I’ve heard a lot of back-and-forth as to who was actually responsible for the rest losing their jobs, but at least the whole thing wasn’t decimated.

As for EGM, I suppose its time was coming one way or the other. UGO isn’t a magazine publisher, so I don’t really blame them for not keeping the magazine going. But I do think that a magazine as established and ingrained into the industry as EGM was should have gone out on its own terms, and that ol’ “Uncle Ziff” should’ve at least released that one last issue, as a sign of respect if nothing else. Let things come full-circle, to an extent.

Regarding the video, I think “Hugo” better represents ZD than UGO.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • MattG

    OK, now *that* was clever. I especially liked how the owner’s neck veins flared during his angry rant.

    “Ulysses Prance… the first.”