Castlevania Chronicles, the rare PS1 remake of the first Castlevania game starring Simon Belmont, has been added to the PlayStation Network as of yesterday. Better still, it costs all of six dollars. Can you believe that? Super Castlevania IV on the Super NES Virtual Console cost more than that.

Of course, not having played Chronicles, I can’t say which one is better. But it has a lot of neat stuff going on, plus a NA/Europe-exclusive interview with Koji Igarashi. Sounds like it would be worth six bucks to me.

Here’s a little video footage.

It looks quite nice, and I see Super‘s multi-directional whip is retained. Of course, lacking a PS3, it doesn’t matter if I want it or not, but maybe someday. Or possibly while I’m visiting my dad for Christmas, I can get it for his.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • MattG

    It’s a fun game, but very challenging. I’m glad to see it come back around again. It’s definitely worth the $6.