Getting back into the swing of things after some downtime is tough. You just want to talk about everything that’s gone on, but there’s no time for that. So it’s usually best to look at now, get a good foothold, and move on to the future. And that’s where we begin again today.

So one recent thing which has come up is the following video game music video. Is there a term for those? VGMV, perhaps? Anyway…

It’s called “Balloon Trip: An Existential Journey,” based on a mode from one of my all-time favorite Nintendo games, Balloon Fight. Yes, Balloon Fight– if you’ve been following the site, then you’ve probably seen me mention it here or there. It’s amazing I don’t yet have a banner for it. Guess I should mark that as a “to do” item.

Anyway, here it is, featuring “Once in a Lifetime” by The Talking Heads:

It’s weird. The song is a catchy tune, and it features footage of classic games, which I find to be a nice touch, but it’s overall more pessimistic than I prefer. Go figure.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”