Well, this is sort of disappointing.

Earlier, I had devised a new goal: To create a screenplay for a live-action movie about The Jetsons. Why The Jetsons? It’s a long story of sorts, but it came to me from another topic.

Anyway, as I would have it, the story would be set sometime in the future (obviously), after humanity and its many wars and devastating weapons have, for all intents and purposes, destroyed the Earth, making it uninhabitable. After all of that, society manages to regroup and they create what is basically a civilization above the clouds, where everyone lives in a whimsical peace and harmony, with technology to keep them happy and complacent. The worst things that happen are rather comical mishaps and hijinks, enough that life remains interesting.

Then something bad happens: The nefarious H.G. Cogswell, whose ancestors were once exceedingly rich and powerful due to arms sales, government contracts and the like, but is now reduced to owning a factory that produces cogs, discovers the relics of war, and is ready to endanger the utopian world in which they live all for the sake of making a profit, and thusly, he must be stopped by none other than his rival Cosmo Spacely– or rather, Spacely’s troublesome and oft-fired employee, George Jetson.

That was the idea. Then I found out about this.

Back to my idea, I know what you’re thinking: “That sounds like every other horrible, inaccurate, licensed piece of crap Hollywood puts out.” And that was precisely the point: I wanted to experiment. I liked the idea of seeing just how far such a bad idea could go. After all, crap like Catwoman gets made, among others.

Seriously? I wouldn’t have expected it to go very far. But… what if?

For a follow-up, I suppose there could always be something based on this:

–LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • http://www.pressthebuttons.com MattG

    Considering all the ways a live action Jetsons movie could go terribly wrong, your idea isn’t so bad. Can’t you just picture the movie posters? A big image of George Jetson set against a space background. The caption is just “Meet George Jetson” along with the title and release date. Then there’s the next poster which is similar, but with a picture of Jane and “Jane, his wife”. I can already see the trailer in my mind.

    “In a world high above the clouds, *blah blah blah*… are counting on one man.”

    Spacely: “JET-SONNNNNNNNNN!”

    *cue Jetsons theme song rap remix*