Over on good ol’ X-Entertainment, good ol’ Matt has taken the time to give a good ol’ review of Garfield’s Thanksgiving.

It’s no small secret that I’ve been a lifelong fan of Garfield, for better and for worse (though not so much For Better of For Worse). The cartoons are perhaps some of the most memorable stuff that the franchise has produced, including the TV specials and, naturally, Garfield and Friends. After dealing with Peppermint Patty… how do I put this nicely?

After dealing with Peppermint Patty being a total bitch every year on Thanksgiving, I was glad when Garfield finally managed to score his own Thanksgiving special. And while not bad, it wasn’t exactly a new standard, a benchmark of Garfield’s prime time career, either.

As Matt points out, the saving grace of the episode is Jon’s Grandma, come to save the day from his disastrous attempt at making edible food. And since one of the commenters says that Target has a DVD with all three Garfield holiday specials (the awesome Halloween special and nice Christmas special being the others) for $5.50 (damn my lack of Target), it’s not a bad deal at all. So if you haven’t seen it, it’s a good way to kill a little time for the money, especially if you’ve got kids around.

Also, it’s classic Garfield, with Lorenzo Music providing the voice. Something you’re unlikely to see again any time soon, so that’s worth a few points in itself.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”