GameTrailers has a new walkthrough of a level of Sonic Unleashed called Missouri. It’s based on Africa. No, I don’t really get it, either.

But watching the video does give me some hope that the game will be alright. I’m not looking for it to topple Super Mario Galaxy or chase off Sackboy and Master Chief. Just be a good, solid Sonic title. I already like the tone this one is taking, with a sort of not-too-light, not-too-dark-and-dramatic thing going on. Sort of like the earlier Sonics, or Mario, or even some Disney stuff. A nice balance. I want to support that, if nothing else.

Unfortunately, SEGA has opted to raise some eyebrows recently by delaying the 360/PS3 version of the game… in Japan, that is. Currently, Sonic Unleashed is on track for all systems in America and Europe, from what I know, but in Japan only, the 360/PS3 iteration of Sonic World Adventure (their name for it) has been delayed until Spring of 2009 so that they can “improve the quality of the game.”

Which of course makes everyone instantly perk up and say “waitasecond, what’s wrong with theirs that isn’t wrong with ours?”

On the bright side, no delay for the PS2/Wii version. Here’s hoping that that one will be worthwhile, at least.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • Kamal

    Hey. Just heard that Sega was talking about the quality of the physical media and not the content. Why that would cause an indefinite release, I have no idea, but just the fact that Sega is finally replying to fan concerns after all these years and games…maybe everything will be all right.

    P.S. I think the game spells it “Mazuri.”

  • LBD Nytetrayn

    Oh, awesome– great to have someone from Power Rings reading the site!

    Sounds to me like SEGA is under less pressure to meet a Christmas rush in Japan, what with their not exactly having the same significance put upon the holiday as we do. So I guess they can afford to time their marketing a little differently, which is what it’s starting to sound like they’re doing.

    But doesn’t explain their keeping the Wii’s release date the same, though.

    –LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • LBD Nytetrayn

    Oh, and yeah, looks like they changed the video name. :P

    –LBD “Nytetrayn”